How much does each SkinnyMe bangle weigh?  

Each bangle weighs 1/2 pound each.

Does the price listed reflect the cost of one bangle or two?  

The price listed is for two matching SkinnyMe bangles, one for each wrist!

Can I just purchase one bangle?  

Unfortunately, we aren't selling individual bangles. We don't want our customers to have one Popeye arm and one regular arm.

What are the measurements of the bangles? 

We designed our bangles to be the standard size of a normal bangle, which is approximately 6.6cm inner diameter. Except for our Brushed Silver Bangle, which is slightly smaller at 6.4cm.

Will there be more colors available?  

Totally! "Like" our facebook page where we'll update our fans with new colors and even poll for new colors!

Should I wear SkinnyMe Bangles all day?  

You can, but we do recommend consulting your doctor before taking on any physical activity.

If you have any other questions, please email us at