Hi, I'm Tiffani Joseph, Creator of SkinnyMe Bangles. 
 I was living in Detroit (originally from New York) and people would always ask 'Why in the world did you move to Detroit?' and simply put...I needed a job. 
 With the recession in full force, I grabbed the first one offered. And like many other women, I spent most of my day (and sometimes night) in front of a computer feeling bad for my body.
So I decided to create something to help me get fit effortlessly
(FYI - I'm so not a "workout person"). 
 It was very important SkinnyMe Bangles look cute and chic, unlike your typical ugly, bulky, "hello 90s" wrist weight (though they both perform the same task of strengthening and toning your arms). Once the design was complete, it was time to manufacture and manufacturing takes moo-lah.
 I launched my IndieGoGo project and while it was an amazing experience, I didn't reach my goal :(
But I kept at it! Now growing steadily in 2016, I hope SkinnyMe Bangles are a success and women love them as much as I do! 

P.S. - All SkinnyMe Bangles are hand-painted and lead-free!